About YIELD Trust

Youth-led Innovative Engagement with Leadership and Development Trust is a youth-led and youth focused Non-Governmental Organization which was established in 2015. YIELD Trust innovatively engages and empowers women and young people to effectively engage with (public and private) leadership and (community and national) development.

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Our interests and work

Our work to create a corruption free, women-inclusive and strong democratic institutions world directly address Goal 3, Goal 4, Goal 5, Goal 11, Goal 13, and Goal 16 of the ‘transforming our world: 2030 agenda for sustainable development’ (SDGs).

Lauretta Sithole, conducting trainings for Youth Advisory Council

We develop leadership, critical thinking and civic consciousness of youth through facilitating platforms of engagement with public officials, open debates and advocacy trainings.

Our Projects

Youth Advisory Council

In Zimbabwe, 77% of the population is under 35 – the country is experiencing slow economic growth, fiscal problems and deteriorating social services and the youth is disproportionately affected by these problems yet the local councils are dominated by old people.

The Youth Advisory Council was a council created by YIELD Trust which trained young people on advocacy and then supported them in sitting in all council meetings so as to substantively contribute in the council on youth inclusion and youth support.

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Bulawayo Voter Clubs

In Zimbabwe, there is high youth population and yet the highest voter apathy is amongst young people,

YIELD Trust as part of the partners of #LeaveNoYouthBehind2018 campaign, created Voter Clubs which had a training of trainers model to teach young people on why voting is important and how to vote (procedure).

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Debate Open Challenge

The majority of young Zimbabweans have an interest in advocacy and public engagement, but they lack public speaking and critical analysis skills.
YIELD Trust, supported by Zimbabwean universities, started the Debate Open Challenge (affectionately known as DOC) to support young people with a platform to both express their views and learn how.
DOC is an annual debate tournament that was established in 2014 which is attended by tertiary institutions from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana.

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On the left, standing, is Lynden Lungu, and on the right, standing, is Sharon Mautsi. This was a discussion during the Green House Summit on the role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in combating climate change.

Children and youth are the ones who will be most affected by the world that is polluted right now; understanding this, at YIELD Trust we are making young people aware of the dangers of climate change and help them seek ways to adapt, predict and prevent climate change.

Our Projects

Green House Summit

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai struck Zimbabwe affecting 270 000 people and left 340 people dead and many others missing – agriculture and education were also heavily affected. This shows that Zimbabwe is already heavily affected by climate change.

The Green House Summit is an annual sumit held by YIELD Trust supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to discuss ways young people can contribute to climate change mitigation.

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Climate Change Policy Advocacy

YIELD Trust actively seeks out the youth perspective in climate change advocacy in Zimbabwe to influence a youth-informed policy framework.

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Zimbabwe National Cleanup Day Support

Urban centres in Zimbabwe generate about 165 million tonnes of waste per year, the bulk of which ended up in open illegal dump site, urban streams and wetlands which often result in blocked drainage system, contaminated surfaces and underground water.

On the 5th of December 2018, the Government of Zimbabwe declared the National Environment Cleaning Day to be conducted on the first Friday of each calendar month, to encourage sustainable environment management and waste disposal systems. The national environmental cleaning across the country is carried out between 8am and 10am.

YIELD Trust  encourages the youth to be conscious of their environment by joining the national initiative and taking it as an opportunity to teach young people on climate change.

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Panelists on the Safe Spaces for Womxn (From left to right): Zimazile Bango, Craig Tanyanyiwa, Nompilo Nkomo, Mutsa Svosve, Patience Sibanda

Young women’s empowerment is critical for the health and development of families, communities, and nations. Women can attain their greatest potential when they live in a safe, joyful, and productive environment.

Our Projects

Safe Spaces for Womxn

Safe Spaces for Womxn is an annual event for young women and young men to discuss on how to design safe spaces for women in journalism, politics, governance and business so that young women can thrive.

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USAPHO Project

YIELD Trust sought to create safe spaces for young people to engage in discussions on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) at Insiza District.

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Zimbabwe Womxn's Open Debate Challenge

ZWODC is an annual debate tournament held by women in the Zimbabwe debate circuit. YIELD Trust supports this tournament through logistics and marketing support.

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Bulawayo Youth Integrity Network (BYIN) members

Corruption and illicit financial flows are fueled by a lack of transparency and accountability, and the consequences are severe, disproportionately hurting youth and women.

Our Projects

Bulawayo Youth Integrity Networks

Bulawayo Youth Integrity Network is a cluster-based network of young people to combat corruption and illicit financial flows.

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Public Finance Management Training

YIELD Trust through the support from ZIMCODD conducted trainings for women on public finance management to strengthen capacity of human rights defenders to hold public officials to account.

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City of Bulawayo Councilors Asset Declaration

The fight against corruption should be reflected at the top. YIELD Trust is embarking on a journey to get Bulawayo City Councilors to publicly declare their assets and get lifestyle audit.

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Minenhle Nzana contributing to the 5000 voices on SRHR

Youth voice refers to the respect for young people’s distinctive ideas, opinions, and concerns, as well as their freedom to express them inside an organization or program. The voices of children and teenagers are valued equally to those of adults. YIELD Trust seeks to amplify that voice.

Our Projects

Memeza Podcast Network

Memeza Podcast Network is a platform for young people to express themselves. YIELD Trust provides a studio, a sound engineer and paid podcast channel on iono.fm which young people could use. This has resulted in young people starting and sustaining conversations that are developmental.

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5000 Voices

The aim is to get 5000 young people sharing their voices on SRHR, politics and governance.

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Creative Youth Support

YIELD Trust gives support to youth poets, musicians and writers through amplifying their voices.

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Our latest podcasts

Memeza Podcast Network has many podcast across many genres such as transparency in government, poetry, comedy and governance.

Our team

These are the amazing people behind the YIELD Trust magic!

Nompilo Jacqui Nkomo

Executive Director

Sondlane Dube

Programs Manager

Trish Gwelo

Talent  Manager

Thandokuhle Sibanda

Finance and Administration

Daniel Moyo

Research and Advocacy

Antony Chiwota

Compliance and Grant Acquisition


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