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You(th) empowering you(th)

About YIELD Trust

Youth-led Innovative Engagement with Leadership and Development Trust is a youth-led and youth–focused Non-Governmental Organization which was registered as a trust on the 27th of July 2015. YIELD aims to innovatively engage young people in leadership and development and one critical element for achieving this is enhancing youth education.

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WATCH: Nompilo Nkomo, YIELD Trust executive director interview explaining the role of the organization in empowering young people in Zimbabwe.

YIELD has over the years evolved and acquired various expertise which include but are not limited to Youth Financial Literacy, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights campaigns, Sustainable Development Goal Programming, Social Media Activism, Voter Education and Monitoring, Crowdsourcing and Talent Management. Our guiding philosophy as an Organization is, “You(th) empowering You(th)” YIELD often supports Youth Debates and Activities, through which it solicits for Educational consumables that have been donated to Charities-Emthunzini WeThemba Children’s Home, Chilamba Primary school in Binga and individuals as a way to ensure the literacy development of orphaned and vulnerable children.

The organization has done activities such as the Leave No Youth Behind Campaign (LNYB) a national campaign which the organisation coordinates in Bulawayo with the vision of encouraging and sustaining youth engagement in electoral processes (registration and voting) and democratic processes in general. We believe that young Zimbabweans, Innovate, Engage, Lead and Develop themselves and their societies.

Another major project that the organization is currently running is the Bulawayo Youth Integrity Networks (BYIN) where we have the youths from various sectors such as Media, Politics, Business and Civic society taking a stand with the #TakeAStand in combating illicit financial flows and corruption by engaging and questioning their duty bearers.


Our vision

Young Zimbabweans, innovate, engage, lead and develop themselves and their societies


Our mission

To start and sustain the type of conversations and initiatives that will build the youths for the future.


Our philosophy

We believe in you(th) empowering you(th), shaping the future today and leaving no youth behind.

Meet the team

These are the amazing people that make YIELD Trust work

Nompilo Jacqui Nkomo

Executive Director | 29 years

Nompilo is a Human Resources graduate, the co-founder and Executive Director at YIELD Trust. Her journey began through one of her passions; debate and public speaking. She is a debate tournament organizer, trainer and adjudicator who has worked with young people from places as far as Malawi. She had always yearned to ensure debate did not just end within classrooms, that the brilliant solutions proposed in debates could find their way to the actual world and that is how her passion for civic work began.

Trish Gwelo

Talent Manager | 28 years

Trish Gwelo is an employee advocate and works towards ensuring that the needs of employees at work are met while ensuring that the strategic plans of the organization are met. She is  always there to ensure that all employees are organized and satisfied in their work environment; and overseeing the health and safety of all employees. She also  communicates with staff about issues affecting their performance and ensuring accurate and proper record-keeping of employee information. The change she seeks to make is a work environment that is productive for both employees and the organization

Thandokuhle Sibanda

Finance and Administration | 22 years

She is our Finance Admin intern. Currently an Economics student at the Midlands State University. She has worked as a programs officer at Shield Foundation, she is a former Social Media Manager at The Girls Table. Thandoe is also a renowned poet and published author featured in a couple of collections.

Daniel Moyo

Research and Advocacy | 25 Years

Daniel is responsible for researching  issues that affect young people in Zimbabwe. His passion stems from the desire to ensure that young people are well abreast on issues of governance to make an informed advocacy on issues that ranges from corruption, illicit financial flows, domestic resources mobilisation, human rights and climate change. “I fundamentally believe that young people in Zimbabwe must be active participants on an informed position to promote transparency and accountability in the country. That is only possible if they understand the constitution, legal framework that regulate the operation of public finance management and many other areas.”

Antony Chiwota

Compliance and Grant Acquisition | 26 Years

His responsibility is to look for funding opportunities; because impact can be multiplied and scaled when the organisation is financially capacitated. He seeks to serve young people in every way possible and at YIELD he  does that by ensuring that every partnership we get into speaks to our mandate, mission and vision to the end that young people achieve their highest and truest potential.

Want to join the team?

YIELD Trust is always looking for dynamic, ambitious, and enthusiastic young people to join our team as volunteers. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to the organization and your motivation, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.